Almost EVERYONE is Wasting Money on Dash Cams.

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It’s been YEARS since dash cams hit the market, but it feels like we have been stuck at a standstill. Why is it that camera quality is so lacking? Are there really no good options when shopping for a dash cam to attach to the windshield of your car?
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0:00 Intro
1:07 The Back-story
2:37 Thinkware F70
3:26 Biuone A20
3:55 Chortau B-T13
5:00 Iiwey T1 and Pruveeo D30H
6:16 Rexing V1-4K
6:57 Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2
7:34 Rove R2-4K
8:05 Viofo A119 V3
9:12 BlackVue DR750X and Thinkware U1000
15:04 tldr;
17:04 outro


  1. I’ve managed to find that the 70mai A500S uses a Novatek NT96580 (so an 80-series, much newer than those 50-series) with a IMX335 sensor. I can find these for around 80 euro’s. I’ve not bought one so this is not a recommendation. Is this any good?

  2. Fantastic. This is the kinda stuff we used to get from places like Engadget, Gizmodo and others except most have been money-hatted or don’t exist anymore. Doing any search for lists or comparisons always brings up some generic list that some random website no one uses giving a list that’s CLEARLY sponsored.

    This was damn good info and when you started talking about the SoC and Image sensor.. it brought a tear to my eye and this is the stuff I miss from other sites. Good job LMG.

  3. One major bit of advice I give people is to be sure to vocally call out the license plate in any situation whenever you know it’ll be useful later, because if you can see it, record it in the audio just in case it’s not captured (chances are it may not be). Part of the reason why is because of the misnomer that dashcams are good for capturing plates. The reality is that they’re primarily useful for demonstrating fault.

  4. Well done! I looked into these for a gift last Xmas and found zero documented evidence that more $$ = better video capture. Thanks for confirming my (and I’m sure many others’) suspicions

  5. ltt dashcam when?

  6. I’ve just use spare phone , bought mount for pennies and running some dashcam app on it so it’s easily charged , turns on and off and stuff 😂 way better quality then 90% of the dashcams , also can use it when the car is parked , just plugging the power bank and if someone does something I have some proof , way better then 500 usd packs , tapping wires and stuff

  7. Like 90% of them are the same garbage from China. Just with different names, housings , prices etc. like 90% of everything else on Amazon. Amazon is basically the American storefront for Chinese products. I am about to give up on it and just start shopping entirely local and legit stores like Best Buy. This is one reason why I think retail is never going away entirely.

  8. Is not just Dash Cams … everywhere you turn around you’ll find all same crappy chinese products with different name, ghost name- company, no-warranty at all. The importers are mostly responsible and accomplice

  9. build redux doesnt give you case or Mobo options. and you pay top price for no name, basic RAM and SSDs

  10. I definitely spent a bit more for my NextBase 422gw(?) but I just threw a 128gb card in there and let it roll and it has been able to record plate numbers in two separate cases for me, though I wasn’t directly involved in either incident. The people I emailed the video to were grateful though!

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