All this work… for what?? – Upgrading the Video Render Server

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We strived to improve our video clip rendering times considerably with a hardware upgrade, and the outcomes were… intriguing.

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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Buy an LTT shirt, hoodie, hat, and even our own water bottle at

  2. Jesus, 60 dollars Linus, i get why, but 60 dollars!?

  3. get that 3900x or 3950x when released–bam

  4. Nobody is going to talk about the smoothness of 3:48?

  5. christopher williams


  6. Time to buy Ryzen buddy

  7. so you got an rtx 2080ti but do rendering based on cpu like its 2012? are you stupid or what?
    get ffmpeg, frameserver and make a simple batch tool for nvenc. with rtx2080ti your 4k should be like twice as fast rendered as the video length, but more likely 3x faster meaning a 10 minute video is finished after 3-4 minutes.
    but hey, just do not learn, as always linus.

  8. Remember when Linus drilled through the original radiator when he built that server?

  9. TheHiddenGamer7

    If only you could render multiple video’s at the same time instead of queuing them one by one.

  10. Holy shit that velcro is overprice as shiz

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