All The Times We Nearly Blew Up The World

This is a video about some of the many times we have nearly blown up the world. Make sure to add both the razor and the blades to your cart for the code to take effect.

List of Broken Arrows —
Declassified Goldsboro Report —
Operation ChromeDome —
CIA website —

Cataclysmic cargo: The hunt for four missing nuclear bombs after a B-52 crash —
The Voice of Larry Messinger is from this documentary —
Even Without Detonation, 4 Hydrogen Bombs From ’66 Scar Spanish Village —
Decades Later, Sickness Among Airmen After a Hydrogen Bomb Accident —
Picture of ReVelle —
Great NPR where the audio of ReVelle is from —
CIA Website —

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Directed by Petr Lebedev
Written by Petr Lebedev and Derek Muller
Edited by Peter Nelson
Animated by Fabio Albertelli, Jakub Misiek, Ivy Tello and Mike Radjabov
Filmed by Derek Muller
Produced by Petr Lebedev and Derek Muller
Additional video/photos supplied by Getty Images and Pond5
Music from Epidemic Sound


  1. Veritasium grown so much I believe it would be beneficial to have a discord server.

  2. They are trying to tell us something. Be ready guys

  3. My grandfather was in the air force and he was on one of the flights carrying H bombs, similar to the one over Spain. He described how the Russians shot at them and they feared for their lives. Even when he got extremely old and demented, this was one thing he remembered very clearly.

  4. Those dudes be deploying bombs in atmosphere, but it’s my duty to repair ozone layer

  5. Though very interesting I still don’t agree. This is just a case of poor thinking and a poor understanding of humanity. Once something like this is known and we have the technical skills to make one they will be made. Once made we have you use pragmatic understandings of humanity to deal with them. Like banning firearms, all you get is just criminals have firearms. If there wasn’t a real deterrence they would have been used. History is the record of evidence that once a weapon is invented it will be used – unless there is a good reason not to. Dereck is wrong – the real danger is not accident it is that from several points of view the use of Nuclear Weapons is perfectly reasonable. The same way on 9/11 flying jumbo jets into huge buildings full of innocents became reasonable.

  6. Shows how far our race for power could’ve cost more than what we already have 🙁

  7. Last Name First Name

    cool and scary nukes and almost world-ending situations! thanks veritasium.

  8. Nobrains Noheadache

    6:50 oh yeah, by the way . . . lol

  9. nah, i feel like if a country was nuked, they would probably investigate, rather than just end the whole world…

  10. Let’s not forget the bent spears and dull swords.

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