Alex Murdaugh Juror Tells All — How Jury Knew Disgraced Lawyer Killed Family

A 22-year-old manufacturing supervisor served as one of the 12 jurors who discovered Alex Murdaugh guilty of murdering his spouse, Maggie, and son, Paul, after deliberating for less than three hours. James, who asked that his last name be withheld, talked to the Law&Crime Network’s Angenette Levy about the kennel video clip, how prayer played a role in the trial, whether or not Alex Murdaugh’s testimony mattered, and more.

NOTE: James’ sibling is a Colleton County sheriff’s deputy who reacted to Moselle the evening of the murders but was not involved in the investigation. James said both the state and the defense were aware of his brother’s employment and approved of him being on the jury.

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  1. Lorie Hyde Beauchamp

    This young man is so well spoken & level headed. I hope his future includes a run for office in some capacity.

  2. I can barely hear the questions, her volume is to low

  3. It passes me off that slime are going after buster. Put yourself in his shoes, his life has collapsed

  4. It would of being lovely if they had let AM up on the stand tell his story about him having a nap leaving then coming back to discover Mag’s and Paw Paw only for the prosecution play the Tik Tok video. Justice for Maggie and Paul. ☘

  5. Can’t hear the!!

  6. He is an amazing young man.
    He’d make a great Christian lawyer

  7. Lol his brother though. Communicating. Wake up people

  8. Barbara LeTourneau

    What a nice guy!

  9. Thank you for seeing the truth.

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