Alec Baldwin fired prop gun that killed photography chief, wounded director on film set | ABC7

Actor Alec Baldwin has been identified as the person who fired a prop firearm that killed a crew member and left director Joel Souza hospitalized in an event on the set of a Western being recorded in New Mexico. Full story:


  1. Lock him up! Murderer

  2. Prison for Life , nothing Less

  3. I always knew alec baldwin would kill someone

  4. Eye for an Eye , what an Evil Person , he knew it was Loaded


  6. The most disturbing…how she read the news…..

  7. Alec is screwed! Has anybody else realized that both crew members were not even actors??? Prop guns can still kill people. Why was Alec pointing and shooting this firearm at two people who would never appear on screen??? Horseplay???

  8. Every news agency is reporting that a prop gun was responsible. Haha
    Prop guns do NOT FIRE BULLETS.
    Baldwin shot a person with live ammunition then turned and shot another person WITH LIVE AMMUNITION- not a prop gun.
    Why is the media lying?
    Because they take YOU. as a fool.

  9. Sounds like thay had to get someone out of the way agine..and Jeffery dident kill himself

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