Aladdin – Movie Review

The most up-to-date Disney Live Action remake is a classic of the 90’s. Here is my review for ALADDIN!



  1. I pushed the Like button. HARD.

  2. QueenCersei Lannister

    So sick of these Disney live action films, they’re basically the animated cartoons scene for scene. Ugh

  3. Liked before the video started, as always. Comment for the algorithm

  4. Disney should do the other Arabian Nights stories like Ali Baba, Sinbad, and Scherazade (Correct me if I’m wrong) seriously we have Years of Fairy Tales and Stories and they don’t bother researching or acknowledge it

  5. Juanco_"C.E.O."

    Thanks for the spoilers fuck face. Lmaoooo

  6. Christopher Frost

    i really enjoy your videos,i dont always agree,but i always see your perspective

  7. Guy Ritchie and McG are garbage. Thank you.

  8. How dare you Jeremy!
    Return of Jafar is awesome!

  9. When Will Smith was cast I was just like, NO, but couldn’t come up with any substitutes. I now have come up with replacements for the role of Genie! These are my top two, Seth MacFarlane is number 2 and Wayne Brady is number 1!!! These two men have enough talent to make the role their own!! Send in the Replacements!!

  10. If Robin Williams were alive today and saw this he wouldve gone home and hung himself.

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