Aladdin Angry Trailer Reaction!

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AngryJoe & OtherJoe React to the full Aladdian Trailer, does Will Smith look any better as the Genie? Figure out!


  1. I have no idea why this video is only 360p, apparently Youtube is having processing issues at the time we uploaded it, some 6 hours later its still not in HD. Hopefully it will go HD at some point. If not this will be our only 360p video lol.

  2. hmmm do i want hollywood to ruin my childhood ?

  3. piss ass thinks it might turn out more or less okay

  4. Jeremy irons should have been Jafar.

  5. So lets not call this movie Aladdin. Lets call it: Will Smith carries the movie as Genie.

  6. Ni

  7. Ryan Fairweather

    Dar Adal from Homeland would make a great Jafar!

  8. that guild wars 2 shirt tho

  9. Original Genie isn’t blue in the prince Ali song. He’s actually disguised as a normal human version of himself, though he keeps turning into alternative versions of himself. But not once for the whole song is he blue. Look it up.

  10. Genie was a skin color during the “Prince Ali” song.

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