Akshan: the Rogue Sentinel | Champion Trailer – League of Legends

Swinging in with a-vengeance, Akshan, the Rogue Sentinel, seeks to revitalize his tutor using a very old Sentinel relic.

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  1. Rebekka Mejlby

    more jumps and invisible shizzle….

  2. Rammus: ok

  3. Esben Thormann

    Creator: So how much should this champion remind of every other champion in the game
    Director: Yes

  4. I think he would be great as a jungler, he’s mobility as well as his stealth makes him great at ganking.

  5. Noobmaster420,269

    Fix azir please!

  6. Time to report a new champ lol

  7. instead of making champs,TRY TO MAKE YOUR GAME BALANCED

  8. everyone asks why is akshan, but nobody asks how is akshan

  9. filipowski 398

    prince of Persia, league of legends and apex legends in one character

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