Air Segura VS Rain Man | YMH Original

What began as an off-handed remark by Tom Segura on 2 Bears, 1 Cave with visitor Joe Rogan, turned into a local news story in Erie, PA. When Tom heard local weatherman David Wolter make a joke about him during his foretell – it began a FEUD! Tom accepted and put some titillating stakes on the game. Will Erie, PA finally have something cool to boast about? Watch to figure out!

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Produced by: Joshua Zollo

Executive Producers: Ryan P. Corridor and Nadav Itzkowitz

Edited by: Eduardo Gamba

Director of Photography: Chad Wallin

Camera Operators: Shaun Nix and Tyler Pena

Sound Recordist: CJ Roberts

Sound Mixer: Chad Wallin

Boom Operator: Amanda Avery

Special Thanks to Tony English, Paul Brasil, third and Lamar, Austin Sports Center, Enny, Niana Pallatt, Heather Mills and Katelyn Sadd


  1. Who watched this, hoping Tom would break his arm again….Not me.

  2. Tom played with that weatherboy like a cat plays with a half-dead mouse, never in doubt. Damm Jeans!!!!!

  3. Anyone else peep his hoodie? Tom is reppin Jack Johnson. That’s how I know he real mofucker ✌🏾

  4. Robinson Aguilera

    David shooting like he plays on team Gryfindor. Man those shots where magically going in. Segura looking inspiringly fit.

  5. Production quality is awesome and David handled that exceedingly well. Great show!

  6. ” That ref is corrupt. But he also high fived me during the game, which is super unethical”

  7. Vincent D'Augustine

    Tom segura is funny af this is awesome i love how that the made a hatred a good hearted rivalry! This is awesome all the charities that were mentioned got good funds from this. This..This is what celebrities should do

  8. Respect to David, not only did he earn his mommy jeans but he had the whole city of Erie on his back

  9. That apology was LOADED lmao!!!

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