AG Barr says assault at Naval Air Station Pensacola an ‘act of terrorism’

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Deputy Director David Bowdich will hold a press briefing at the Justice Department declaring the findings of the criminal investigation into the December 6 shootings at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida that killed three U.S. Service members and injured eight. #FoxNews

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  1. A Brit in the Philippines

    I was excited when President Trump appointed Bar as AG but he has turned out to be a very big disappointment.

  2. It’s an act of terrorism for the deep state infiltrating the intelligence community to frame people like George Papadopolis and Roger Stone and try to frame the duly elected President.
    When is AG Barr going to start doing something about that? The two tier justice system makes our country into a banana republic. We’re getting sick of waiting for the arrests of the perpetrators to start happening.

  3. He starts out as a boot licker and cop butt kisser by thanking them for being so wonderful. What a joke.

  4. It’s a tragic what happened and should. Never happen hope the families are getting along well now that is 1/13/2020 800pm

  5. Why would 21 young men in their twenties be watching child pornography? Very odd. ?✝️??

  6. Hey Barr ? Now thank the FBI for investigating Epstein.
    Yeah? Thank them?
    Now thank them for the obvious criminal , Hillary .
    Yeah? Thank them?
    Oh oh oh ,,, yes you have a moment to shine because this actor isn’t an Elite.
    I want JUSTICE , BARR!
    Where is it !
    Where??? I look left , i look right , look right down the middle !
    Barr? I’m losing faith in you.

  7. If you are given this power to use on terrorists, someone who gains access to this power will use it against innocent people based on false accusations. Private data should stay private.

  8. People care that POTUS has honest people supporting his agenda. Thank you for your service Mr. Barr

  9. The key to encryption is with the sender and receiver so subpoena their phones.

  10. McCarron MCLAUGHLIN

    Mr. McAfee offered years ago to break the backdoor on the Apple phones for the US government but they just ignored him.

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