Aftonbuilt: The Fall of a FNAF Fangame

The Aftonbuilt demo released earlier in the week was SO formidable. Why would Scott refuse such a game from the Five Nights at Freddy’s Fanverse? I went straight to the source to figure out!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Jelatine team for making such a cool demo for us. I wish the Fanverse had worked out, but I’m epic eager to see what these (unmistakably) unbelievably gifted individuals make in the future. Make Scott remorse his decision! ;D

**The line read between 3:14 – 3:20 is a direct quote from Liam, and is not my own personal opinion. I intended to have a title there like I did for the other direct quotes, but missed it.
“It was clear that the Fanverse was pretty much a merch machine. On top of having a good game, unique characters were the key to getting in.”


PolarDread (one of my discord member’s games that worked as good explanatory footage; check it out!):



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    *EDIT 2: after my interview with Liam, I allowed them to view the video and sign off on it before release. They did.* However, upon the release of this video, according to Liam, “Fanverse devs” began reaching out to them and _threatening_ to report them to Scott for speaking with me (here is their exact statement ).

    Liam was obviously panicked, and after some back-and-forth, I agreed to remove one word from this video (4:08), as a courtesy to Liam. To be honest, it’s kind-of obvious what it is and 250k viewers already saw it, but whatever – removing this one word has very little impact on the video, and if it makes Liam feel better, it’s fine. However, It’s incredibly messed up that these Fanverse devs would allegedly try to threaten and intimidate Liam over an intellectual property _they have no ownership rights over.*_ If Liam is telling the truth (and I’ve found them to be credible and have no reason to believe they aren’t), these Fanverse devs that are allegedly harassing and threatening Liam are clowns. Who the hell do they think they are? The “defenders of FNAF?l”

    Work on your _games;_ you aren’t Scott. _Aftonbuilt_ has showed us more actual progress than _most_ official Fanverse games have. That’s reality.

    **[UPDATE]**After asking around enough, I was finally able to track down a screenshot of the alleged “legal threats” referenced above (Liam has not replied since I let them know I made the cut for them). While I of course didn’t see the whole conversation, if that is indeed all there was to it, then it’s definitely not a case of what _I_ would refer to as threats.

    Nothing else Liam said was suspicious, and they had overwhelming evidence that supported their entire story. A lot of this evidence is included in the video, in the form of the pitch videos. Furthermore, no one has disputed the factual validity of Liam’s claims in this video. They were credible, and this is a good example of why I worded the above so carefully

    *EDIT:* the response to this video has been overwhelmingly positive. I’m incredibly grateful, and I’m appreciative that people were able to empathize with Liam and the Jelatine team’s situation. It sucks. However, this isn’t about “Scott bad/Jelatine good”. We don’t need to “take sides” on every conflict or disagreement. This situation is complicated, and while I empathize with Liam and Jelatine, I also understand Scott has a ton of stuff on his plate while he manages a big franchise. It’s just an unfortunate outcome; we don’t need to point fingers.


    It was really cool of the dev to share this insight with us, and their frustrations are really understandable. I think we can all agree that _Aftonbuilt_ is an _incredibly_ impressive demo. The work speaks for itself. While it wasn’t meant to be, I’m excited to see what the _Aftonbuilt_ contributors bring us in the future! Please show them some love; nothing in this video wouldn’t have been possible without them and their hard work.

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    • @LazyRydr I have checked the video and I have watched it to the end. Theft king did say to not attack either party of this video. That was my bad on saying the wrong thing but how many people do you think will actually listen to him? Either way I am ending this conversation here. I do not want to start an all out war between theft king’s subscribers and some other people. And thanks for being polite about this by the way, truly. You don’t know how scared I was to type out this comment since I know what happens when someone talks trash about a youtuber. Thanks and I hope you have a good day as well.

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  2. Wario the Milkman

    This whole thing gives me really mixed feelings as a huge FNaF fan, on one end I always want to support Scott because he’s a cool dude who does cool stuff, but on the other hand I can’t help but be somewhat disappointed and a bit sad in his actions regarding Aftonbuilt since it looks so cool and I’d so want to have seen it made into a full game

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  4. its been two days and ya went up about 10 k subs! keep up the good work!

  5. I went in your house and stole your cookies around

    It’s unfortunate but I hope they’ll find a company out there willing to invest on them.

  6. Tennessee Wastelander

    After watching most of your vids all I can think is “Wow, it’s almost like Scott NEVER ACTUALY LEFT the series and that whole post about him ‘stepping down to spend time with his family’ was just a stunt to dodge responsibility for his donation bs.” Honestly, the more I learn about Scott the more I start to realize how much of a prick he is, I don’t know if he just became jaded after so many FNAF games or if he was always like this… but videos like this really shatter that ‘friendly indie dev’ act he tried so hard to keep up.

    Keep up the incredible work King, and thanks for getting this info out there.

  7. FreddyGamePlayer

    There’s no way you watch the Fnaf 3 NAO Without Using Audio Lure. Also, this is the first time in my whole life that someone credits me on a video that got on a Trending Video. Thank you so much! (;

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  9. Bob The Hot Dog Vendor

    man scott seems like a real jerk

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