After loud boom across Utah, here is why you should check your yard for treasure

A Utah astrophysicist says the meteor that passed through Utah on Saturday might have left some precious minerals for unexpecting locals.


  1. Superman baby crashing down in kansas with a Utah flyby.

  2. Idk about you guys but the flaming debris @ the end of the video made me chuckle 😃. Especially due to that reporter in the beginning talking about how awesome it is to collect up all the space rocks 🪨 lol

  3. Sure….

  4. Oh sure tell the public thats what it is.

  5. Dont call nasa or government they will take it and no$ for you

  6. We had one here in south Texas, it was loud, it made a boom hundreds of miles , a couple of years ago.

  7. It’s kinda crazy how “new” they make it sound when it’s a well known thing and has been for who knows how long

  8. I went to that big meteor crater in Arizona a month back that had a lot of cool stuff about meteors, and now this meteor is in my home state
    Space rocks are crazy

  9. The Biblical Prophet Brando

    It was UFO or a deactivated nuke!

  10. Gots me a bedroom door, that works — AGAIN

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