AEW: Fight Forever | Announcement Teaser

We are excited to announce that THQNordic is officially our publisher for #AEWFightForever!

THQ Nordic and All Elite Wrestling have joined forces to bring AEW: Fight Forever – YUKE’S latest creation – to PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

And this touch of nostalgia is just the beginning! Tune in for more gameplay at the THQ Nordic digital showcase on August 12. Visit for more information on the game.

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  1. Michael grzybkowski

    Jericho should be front and centre on the box, not Punk.

  2. That was pointless

  3. Joseph Roman Sexton

    Thq back in business

  4. Cody Rhodes built ,made AEW.

  5. Wow men

  6. tbh, this soundtrack better be damn good!

  7. Can Chris Benoit be DLC?

  8. Yukes, the THQ logo going classixc, CM Punk on the cover… This is hype.

  9. 👍for #1 CM PUNK!

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