Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)

Adults React to and try 5 Minute Crafts! Watch to look at their reactions.

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Adults React To And Try 5-Minute Crafts (Do They Work?)


  1. Can you do Try not to challenge on the next video please

  2. Khalid alghamdi

    This is the first time that I hate the reactors

  3. Pewdiepie’s next rival after T-Series.

  4. I was watching this and a five minute crafts video popped up on my screen ;-;

  5. love this but just a waste of straws/plastic xx

  6. I bet you $83917263638 that you didn’t actually read that whole number, so im guessing you didn’t see the letter in it… You just sent back and checked and saw that I lied… muahahahaha

  7. The thing is, they use the cheapest straws so that,
    1. They’re easy to bend
    2. More *net profit*

  8. i’m surprised no one knew the whiteboard permanent marker trick. my primary school teachers use it all the time lol

  9. lil tummy bitch

    that’s a lot of plastic straws wasted 🙁

  10. victoria freitas

    The channel should be a little more concious about the plastic they just wasted for some little content, we DONT need more plastic wandering around the planet and seas, be careful with your choices everyone!!!

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