Adorable Prince Louis waves at planes during Trooping the Colour flypast

Prince Louis joined his sibling and sibling Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the Buckingham Palace balcony for Trooping the Colour.

They waved at crowds outdoors the palace and RAF planes making their flypast.

The event, which marks the official Birthday of the Queen, comprises over 1,400 officials and infantrymen on parade.

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  1. Prince Louis is adorable! Looks just like Prince George! Such a sweet family ? God bless them!!!

  2. RuSomeKindaIdiot

    Where’s Styime, Alfie, or whatever the new kid’s name is? Probably off on a Black Lives Matter march somewhere eh?

  3. 13th Evergreen

    Black Magic is why the witch is still alive…. If you can call being a zombie, alive

  4. Drogan fährt durch den Tunnel

  5. Julie Anne Dalzell

    PLouis was adorable and beautiful. He definitely stole the show

  6. Vorspiegelung007

    Kate has a baby bump again.

  7. Clareen Diane Leach

    Meghans looks uncomfortable. Wants to talk more than focus on the flypass

  8. EvenStevenSays

    Is it just me or does Meghan look unhappy?

  9. Besides the Queen, Duchess Caterine in her yellow and duchess Camilla in her green outfits look so stunning and gorgeous. Never saw duchess Camilla look more beautiful as in this occasion

  10. Charles Vandenburgh

    Royal Family of bloodsucking Lizards.

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