ADHD but medicated

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Here is my experience with medicinal drugs for ADHD. It was a teaching experience. I wish it worked better for me since they were truly useful but I just did not get along with the meds. Maybe I will try others in the future.

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  1. Thanks for explaining! Really helpful to see it from this perspective! 💕

  2. collectible cat

    I have ADHD and i take meds

  3. Thecoolnerdplays VR

    i have adhd too, currently my plate is stacked where im looking at getting it again. caffinee helps a tad. but try ritalin

  4. socoffingsource 90


  5. I have adhd and use vivance (if that’s how you spell it) I think the reason why you where feeling burnt out and tired all the time is because you didn’t take breaks from it. I’ve had the same symptoms before but you take breaks on occasions to avoid the symptoms. for me I don’t take them on weekends and that allows my brain to just reboot and freshen up. its more of an on off drug than a constant drug.

  6. ture i have adhd and i hate it

  7. Where did they get all dem trumpets 1:33

  8. CrazyCarrotGaming

    It’s so quiet

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  10. Can we release a 6 hour loop of the cow dancing? I need it

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