Addressing the situation.

Please stop subscribing.

…Apparently Youtube remarks are glitching out too. Meantime…

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  1. If you see this comment go follow us on Instagram…Incase the comment section disappears again 😅. Actually, go Practice.

  2. Wao it’s a hit! Ok I cannot practice because it’s night now. I’m gonna do my theory then 😂

  3. this was a rollercoaster of emotions omg

  4. gawd i was so shocked 😭

  5. The channel is working again!😀😀😀❤❤

  6. bret is already a monster violinist and doesnt need time practicing. just call lingling

  7. Piano-gang_ Wannabe

    Dude, I almost had a heart attack. I thought you were hacked. Glad it’s not. But Brett, I’mma break your legs for scaring me like that, now I’ll tell all my friends to subscribe 😀

  8. What’s the name of the piece at the beginning of the video please? I feel like you could put the name of the pieces you put in your videos in the description, would be helpful :p

  9. I really hope the 4 Million Special will be at a weekend or during holidays, because during school I can’t stay up that late, because in Europe it is usually in the middle of the night…
    So I really hope I am lucky and will be able to make it!😊🤗

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