Addicted to DURITOS

Frank has developed a bizarre addiction to the well-liked Mexican food snack, duritos (in addition called duros, chicharrones, or pinwheels). The wheat snack has become a compulsive preoccupation for Frank and he even spends his time sitting in a pool filled with them.

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  1. TheCrazyGorilla

    This video is TRENDING guys!! ?

  2. pardita the husky

    To much salt/sodium for you o

  3. Ysabella Villanueva

    Where i live, a lot of people call them churros

  4. Chicharrones

  5. pardita the husky

    6:16 actually i do have an excuse im to young to buy it

  6. Duritos are life

  7. Broderick Barnett

    Was this real or fake

  8. Duritos are Life

  9. Finally not a weird addiction.

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