Adam Savage’s Aluminum Foil Ball Cut In Half! (Ft. Waterjet Channel)

Curious what the inside of the final ball seemed like, Adam tried — and failed — to cut it in two pieces himself. Tested viewers recommended we call in the specialists at @Waterjet Channel to help instead, and so we did! Here is the interior of the foil ball, per our new friends at Waterjet Channel! (Thank you, people!)

Tested Ts, stickers, mugs and more:

Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Adam Savage’s Tested

    Subscribe to the Waterjet Channel:
    Watch the Waterjet Channel cut a CRT TV in half, per Adam’s request:
    Adam Savage Takes the Aluminum Foil Ball Challenge:

    • I was just thinking a couple of days ago if you had ever gotten the aluminum ball cut, so I was thrilled when this video came up on my feed

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    • Mikle Talalaevskiy

      Could you start with a surprise ball so that there’s a plot twist for the YT video once the ball is cut again, or so that there is less air near the core, or for some other fun deceiving properties.

    • Water does indeed do some of the cutting, hence why the garnet can be turned off if not needed.

  2. What did you accomplish?

    • Adam Savage’s Tested

      He was curious about making a solid sphere out of ordinary foil, so he did. Then he was curious what its interior looked like, so we sent it to Waterjet Channel to cut in half. So he accomplished two goals: making a sphere out of foil and then seeing inside.

  3. MythBusters was absolutely the most memorable part of my childhood, and I love to see that Adam is still making this amazing content!

  4. imagine having this guy as a teacher

  5. The moment I heard the sound of the two halves striking each other I thought of you cosplaying as the man from Monty Python and the Holy Grail following people around with his coconuts.

  6. I always wondered what the inside of a ball looked like. Thanks.
    I notice you have tribal markings on you arm. I don’t recognize that tribe. What tribe is it?

  7. we should get everyone at coachella to build a ball out of a roll and bury it. imagine what archeologists will think in 10k years. thousands of aluminum balls . . .

  8. Yes. But what would happen if you made another one of those, and shot it out of a canon?

  9. Shugo Pendragon

    If i remember correctly it is a like amethyst sand basically that they put in the water

  10. This is such a nerdy pleasure.

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