Adam Gets Heated And Kicks Lush Out Live On Air


  1. Adam dug himself in a hole with AD and now is just saying whatever at this point to try and get himself out of it and make himself not the bad guy. LIKE ALWAYS. I really enjoy this platform because the content and community is great. But Adam you are one of the biggest snakes and fakest people I’ve seen on YouTube.

  2. Not on air fellas

  3. Adam makes moves like this but wonders why people don’t want to ride for him. Because as soon as shit goes left you throw whoever is closest under the buss

  4. “”In the discord that I trust”” wtf

  5. Aadams crazy af hes losing it.

  6. if you getting rid of people take down all the content they are on and no longer monetize it,

  7. Adam is the Snake .

  8. Adam like bro everything breaking up cuz you fake af yourself trying to be real you can’t try to be real either you ain’t or you are simple !!!!

  9. Adam out here fuckimg 16 year Olds, going out sad

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