Actors Roundtable: Austin Butler, Brendan Fraser, Ke Huy Quan, Adam Sandler & More

Austin Butler (‘Elvis’), Colin Farrell (‘The Banshees of Inisherin’), Brendan Fraser (‘The Whale’), Jeremy Pope (‘The Inspection’), Ke Huy Quan (‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’) and Adam Sandler (‘Hustle’) join The Hollywood Reporter for our full Actors Roundtable.

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Actors Roundtable: Adam Sandler, Austin Butler, Brendan Frasier, Colin Farrell & More


  1. must be the most humble people around the table ever in this series…

  2. One of the few movies I’ve seen where morbid obesity was accurately portrayed was the excellent film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, where the actress was actually incredibly large in real life.

  3. Great round table!

  4. 48:33 nice to see Lisa Marie’s gorgeous daughters growing up!

  5. Colin’s gonna win best actor, for sure!

  6. Ke Huy Kwan’s story really brings to light how an incredibly talented man was pushed to the side only because of his ethnic background. Really hoping we can see more of him in the future.

  7. This conversation goes to show you how in the end they’re just people like us, with their insecurities, pain, and lives, just like anybody else. Great video!!!

  8. JEREMY!!!!

  9. Love what he said about Spielberg, he really is the best

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