Activision Turned Down New IP, Wants Only Call of Duty – Inside Gaming Daily

Ain’t no stopping the ‘Doot. Hope you people are ready for two more decades of headshots.


  1. I hope we get dead space 4 that would be a dream.

  2. CurrencY96 Plays

    I HAVENT HEARD THE NAME ADVENT RISING IN YEARS! Holy shit guys… game of my childhood, first introduction to choice in a video game.

  3. I do remember Advent Rising Damnit!

  4. this editing is annoying

  5. Oooh so we trending now?

  6. Lol good luck with that Activision

  7. Witcher 3 and The Wild Blunt

    As someone who hasn’t watched much funhaus or much of inside gaming back in the day I wasn’t a fan of the Know getting absorbed but this is better.

  8. Are the people at Inside Gaming on Cocaine? This format is horrible, =3 style, with a squeeze of Philip Defranco for good measure. Uninteresting! Bland, Justin Bieber level of awful. Reformat your show please.

  9. Well of course they would do that. They been selling the same shit with a new paintjob for years already

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