Acting Overly Famous in front of FaZe Rug…


  1. Chick filet is bomb, so you can’t say no shit, Sherlock

  2. Why are you look so emo and why just why?

  3. lmfaoooo I felt bad for bro at the end of the video lol

  4. Ramiro Aguilera Jr

    I don’t even wipe my ass, cause I don’t let shit bother me. Ayoooo 🤣 🤣

  5. 0fficial.$avanna

    Love you Sherman 💜

  6. Bro was that Kaelyn in the back ground? At 4:26 sounds like Kaelyn says something in a another room. @fazerug @rugfaze

  7. “Bottom G vibes” got me dying i swear to god

  8. I feel so bad for mark you shouldn’t have done that to him 😭

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  10. lol never let them know your next move(me wacthing in their toilet

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