Abby Says Yolanda Is CRAZY | Dance Moms | Season 8, Episode 7

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Here is a clip from Season 8 Episode 7. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I thought Yolanda as in Selena just me okay

  2. That thumbnail tho….

  3. I’ll he completely honest, I didn’t know this show was still going on

  4. I didn’t even know this show started up again. Wasn’t Abby in prison?

  5. WTH wit the wigs???? Ain’t nobody black on the staff to help Abby’s hair

  6. Who married these women?

  7. Wait is she injured? When was she in a wheel chair. I don’t keep up with this as much

  8. This is trending ???omg?????

  9. Yolanda makes this show so interesting ?❤️

  10. Abby you only think of yourself and she’s not your kid actually none of them are your kids?

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