Abby Huntsman Announces Departure from ‘The View’ to Help Run Father’s Campaign | The View

The co-host and daughter of Jon Huntsman Jr. will be the senior counselor to her dad’s campaign for governor of Utah.


  1. Good riddance

  2. See ya, can’t wait to get someone that has an opinion

  3. Momplaygroup Fouz

    Good riddance

  4. Rumor has it that Abby couldn’t stand the toxicity and because of the constant disrespect from Meghan, especially when Abby talked about her children Meghan is have problems with getting pregnant .

  5. I’m not buying it

  6. She is leaving because of her 3 kids, it’s obvious that she just wants to be a mom right now…. maybe a little dad help on the side but regardless she wants to do her family right now which is deserving of respect.

  7. I really like Abby. I wish her, and her family all the best. ?

  8. Ana should take the spot

  9. I bet the audience is really just sitting there looking normal then someone off camera pressed a “oh no-groaning!!” button when Abby said she’s leaving…nobody cares???

  10. At least she won’t have to look at these pigs anymore and that mop head Sasquatch.

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