Aaron Rodgers Final Jeopardy!: “Who Wanted to Kick that Field Goal?” + Extended Postgame Chat

Were you wondering what Aaron Rodgers’ response was to the one football question on everybody’s mind? Watch what occurred after the show in the exclusive postgame chat at the finish of today’s Final Jeopardy!

Recollect 2021’s NFC Championship Game when Green Bay lost to Tampa by 5 points? So does Jeopardy! guest host Aaron Rodgers. And our 2-day champ Scott will not let him forget in this fun round of Final Jeopardy!

Final Jeopardy! 04/05/2021 | April 5, 2021

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  1. Aaron Rodgers just has a smooth calm voice on jeopardy

  2. Aaron did a great job as host…

  3. Douglas Landfield

    He’s too dry.

  4. TMZ Just tweeted out – Official breaking now, Patrick Mahomes will be the new Full Time Jeopardy host. Shows will be taped durning off NFL season. Details to follow.

  5. Frank Donaldson Canadian King of Cronic

    terrible voice no charisma stick to throwing

  6. I loved watching the show with Alex Trebek. I would absolutely continue watching it with Aaron Rodgers as the host.

  7. Don’t do this, don’t make me enjoy Aaron Rodgers

  8. The troll will forever be written down to history. Haha troll the reigning mvp 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. The ONLY host able to do the show, and it wouldn’t be a huge drop off from Mr. Alex T.

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