A Very Futuristic Smartphone…


  1. Is that the Sony Ericsson logo

  2. I’d never buy this phone in my life(even in dreams). I’m already sick with oppo and vivo ads in India.

  3. If you’re thinking about buying any oppo phone, its probably best you dont. Why? because their camera isn’t that great neither is their microphone. The video make it look like the camera is great but hooo trust me its not, especially at night when you record videos it is terrible at fully capturing the picture perfectly. The issue with the microphone is simple, for some reason whenever you record video using an oppo device it automatically activates its *call noise cancelling* on its microphone. You may think its not a big deal but it makes the video sound terrible.

  4. i wonder if it scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  5. K20 pro next

  6. “apple viewers also watch this chanel”


  7. Do the camera comparison between Reno 10 X zoom Vs 7 pro

  8. Looks like OnePlus 7 Pro

  9. It’s spell VOOC but it’s VOC

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