A store in SPACE!?

Astrodude launches a shop in space! You can check it out for yourself by using this link!

Welcome to SolarBalls! Your planetball / spaceballs channel filled with fun, entertaining animations that in addition help you learn about the sun system, and the cosmos. If you like space animations and comedy – then this channel is for you!

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  1. Maria cielo Bonifacio

    In the 15 seconds of this episode you can see a fake ending and a video that is probably a hint of the next video

  2. Did he just LEAK A THUMBNAIL

  3. Rocket flying to Venus lol

  4. Телефон просупер

    Es 9 planet zeta

  5. When astrodude asked the robot but then the fake outro happend? Did you put an unreleased video thumbnail?

  6. A new video appeared at 0:15

  7. in the early ending we saw astrodude landing at venus, could this mean… he is going to venus?

  8. make an video that earth has 2 moons. Earth got an second moon called cruithne it orbits earth weirdly but its still a moon it isnt an giant moon its an small astroid

  9. i fr thought it was ending already 💀

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