A spoiler free review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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This is a spoiler free review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet from Pokémon Wolfe “WolfeyVGC” Glick


  1. I feel like this game is so immersive and fun.
    The three storylines happening at the same time is a really good idea and the oppurtunity to actually explore every route is incredible.
    The bad parts about it i guess are :-
    1. No level scaling in the game. I went east instead of west in the beginning and doubling back, was disappointed to find trainers with lvl 12-15 pokemon when i had lvl 30+ . I mean when they give you the option to choose your own path they should scale it based on the number of badges you have.
    2. Not being able to enter houses anymore is very weird. I mean it feels very unnatural to have almost no NPC interaction in the major cities.
    3. Sleeping pokemon dont close their eyes anymore :0. Its a small detail but one that was present in previous gens so thats a letdown

    Overall though, its the most fun ive had in a pokemon game till date and i literally cannot put my switch down for hours after starting. I think issues like graphics and visual glitches are a small price to pay for the incredible gameplay,traversal and above average storyline

  2. the red Pokémon was the best.

  3. Are we just gonna forget that Arceus exist, and runs so much smoother? Ion know I’m just mad SV was released with so many bugs, and glitches when it shouldn’t have been

  4. Lol, briefly acknowledge the glaring performance issues and excuse them ‘because it’s a Pokemon game’. This is exactly why these games are never going to improve in that regard, because for whatever reason we just accept this from Game Freak when we wouldn’t accept the same from any other billion dollar company with ample resources to get it right. Performance optimization and graphics may not be your highest priority for Pokemon, but imagine the potential these games could have if we actually held GF accountable for their ongoing laziness and rushed development cycles.

  5. No level scaling is a big L. I did the grass gym with a level 40 Ceruledge…not remotely fun. How hard would it be to like…add 5 levels to each gym for each badge you already have?

  6. Yeah dude. I’ve played all bur 3 gens and was worried I wouldn’t like these after not being able to play past hour 5 of arceus. These games quickly started to blow my mind.

    The games amazing. So much so I give no fucks about the graphic situation

  7. Frame rate falls beneath 30fps regularly and their are constant environmental pop ins and glitches. Plus they didn’t properly scale the pokemon in this game. 10/10

  8. Honestly, I didn’t like this game

  9. Agreed 💯

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