A REALLY Weird PC… – System76 Thelio Review

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There’s more than one company that makes its own operating system and hardware, and today, we are taking a look at System76’s Thelio, an open source design you can build yourself.

Buy Thelio from System76: https://lmg.gg/8KVR5

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  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Use offer code LINUS to get 20% off everything on https://lmg.gg/mospack4

    • You’re not a normie Linus, stop pretendieing

    • Wish Dollar Shave Club would start operating in India too. I don’t wanna buy from Gil-mensuck-lette any more than I have to. I don’t care if it costs 2x what it costs in US, would still be better than what I have now as long as the quality of their products is decent.

    • Hey LTT Team, can you get a review of the new LG IPS 144HZ panels with 1ms?? There is nothing in the net yet about it

    • heres a challenge for you anthony luke and alex to undertake im calling it the ultra mass storage due to its main challenge being fitting the most storage you can into a supertower while still having insane specs for example you could work around a threadripper 1950x with dual radeon 7 and 64gigs of memory or something insane like that also this would be a tag challenge so at the end of the video youd have to tag or challenge someone else to do this and theyd need at least 3 people to undertake this 2 to compete and 1 to judge

    • hirech baghdad belkhire

      I challenge you to try Skygate Genisys 1.6
      It’s an BSD custom kernel OS that able to install windows , linux and mac and android apps without emulation or virtualization
      and a lot of features

  2. I love that this exists

  3. Splatoon is the worst game of all time.

    Basically, buy this, install Windows 10 on it and you have yourself a gaming PC.

  4. In what goofball universe do this guy imagine where somehow running linux means you’re not a normie? Le sigh.

  5. May I say that the images in the background when we see the machine are annoying as hell… Other than that, you do a top notch job as usual. Thank you for your time.

  6. I am a huge supporter of OS but this company does not make sense to me. You can literally put Ubuntu or Linux Mint in any system config and have a linux box. Why would anyone buy this? There are plenty of other cases of different shapes and sizes to choose from. “US-based” does not mean anything when you are paying a crap load of money. Technical support? I can’t remember the last time I called for tech support for an operating system. Small team of enthusiasts? In oppose to a big ass team of enthusiasts who are developing basically the whole linux platform? What am I missing?

  7. Something you isn’t mention is it works a lot better than most in work environments. Like joining a domain

  8. Judah Richardson

    This describes just about everything System 76 makes. Their prices aren’t competitive, specs often lacking, and (laptop) dimensions behind the competition’s. It’s good to have a consumer Linux prebuilt brand, though.

  9. Can anyone tell me the song from 0:00 to 0:10

  10. What a rip off

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