A Reality Show ‘Stole’ A Crappy Scene From Constance Zimmer’s ‘UnREAL’

The star of ‘UnREAL’ watched a real reality show push out one of their exact same scenes.

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  1. Fifteen dog sight lkggil portray finance price owe raise.

  2. I’m glad that she said later “poop”, because with the bleeping, I thought she had said “f*ck”, not “sh*t”. I guess I am used to watching shows like Archer, where they CAN say “sh*t”, but NOT “f*ck”, so bleeps to me just mean “f*ck”. “Poop” helped clarify. I sometimes forget that the rules are different for broadcast networks than they are for cable ones. Having a contestant “sh*t” themselves is vastly different than having a contestant “f*ck” themselves.

    • quantumperception I thought the same thing! I was so confused until she clarified because that seems more appropriate for porn, not a fake reality show.

  3. Wait, is it an unreal reality show ?

    • Richard Jones It is a scripted tv show just like ‘how to get away with murder’, but about how reality tv show are produced behind the scenes.

  4. Was she Chris Evans sister is Not Another Teen Movie?

  5. Am I the only one who notices the Late Show videos have a visible and very ugly interlacing.

  6. Aidean Abounasseri

    Stephen needs to get better at ending the interviews, they’re alway so abrupt

  7. Well…
    that was weird.
    – Eddy

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