A Mukbang But It’s Just My Mouth

Here are the links to Real_Mouth who has profoundly encouraged me to do whatever this is

I make new video clips here every Wednesday and make video blogs during my majestical every day life.



  1. It’s cute but I always liked the “chin people”. Like had you drawn the nose and eyes on your chin and somehow laid upside down. Hope that makes sense. I used to make my husband do it for me when we first got married. The shit would make me laugh so hard I couldn’t breath.

  2. TheMadWrldEffct

    Congratulations Jenna, you’ve made me laugh so hard that I started crying ??????

  3. Ermmpoppyithink

    The content I subscribbled for

  4. I dieeeddd laughing at this, definitely the quality content I subscribed for ?

  5. sheldon's big bang bazinga bing bong burger

    jenna it’s been two weeks but i thought u should know right after my top surgery i watched your i want a new face video and thought about all the laughter and happiness you’ve brought me over the years. i started watching your videos when i was in middle school; im almost 18 now and i can honestly say my sense of humor was molded by you. i couldn’t be more grateful. thank you for doing what you do.

  6. Harleigh Wickman

    This is now my new favorite jenna marbles video lmao

  7. Aspiring Naturalist

    Good God lol when is it too far

  8. Make a part 2 ?

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