A Met Gala 2023 Red Carpet Fashion *Roast* … review? idk.

TIS THE SEASON! Met Gala Review time…

Comparable to: Cody Ko, Courtreezy

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  1. Amanda Siefied trying to do sexy just made her look older. Hilariousz

  2. The void stares back

    First video i saw from you and the first 30 seconds I’m already convinced to subscribe

  3. Was waiting for this with my whole heart

  4. Idk who Erika ABADUH is but it’s giving Bloodborne Vicar Amelia.

  5. Jenna Ortega

  6. love the hair xx

  7. 0:14
    Me everyday

  8. im not a furry, but somehow… like you cant tell thats a good fursuit, and somehow im angry that he has it and not someone whod actually appreciate it.

  9. Kim is no stranger to many pearl necklaces.

  10. Jennifer Lopez: 00oooo0OOooohh I don lyk iitt 🙂

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