A Journey Through Time – SNL

Three folks (Paul Rudd, Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong) share really different tales about their experiences with time travel.

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  1. These are my fav SNL skits!!! Kate always makes me laugh so much in these

  2. Not only is ant man one of the worst characters ever. He is also a liberal.

  3. Eğlenceli Günler

    Bu ne acaba açıklayabilir misiniz

  4. Paul Rudd might be the best actor ever to not crack a smile while she was road dogging him.

  5. how is this unfunny horseshit still in trending? SNL quit being smile worthy in the 90s.

  6. Wait I saw this or no!???

  7. Not that funny anymore. I insist, they are over using Kate.

  8. Watching this at work, not the best idea

  9. Cheykese Weathers

    Walking around wakanda?

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