A Dying Person’s Search For A Lost Song – Lost Media Case Files Vol. 4

Time to take a look at several more cases of lost media that have popped up this year.

00:00 AD
01:38 Intro
02:48 Lost Song
08:52 Shrek
17:33 The Dating Game
23:42 Spider-Man

Intro/Outro music by Falling Forever: https://ffm.bio/fallingforever


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    Also, apparently Cameraheads was found? So that’s neat.

    • @Yuhh it might’ve been a misspelling, in the same sentence the guy wrote “copywrite” instead of copyright

    • Quantum Quest was also finally found a few weeks ago!

    • @Mr Peanut oh that’s just lazy then lol just search for them..

    • Hey Jorge
      I was wondering if you could cover the most mysterious song on the internet
      It’s something that I find really interesting

    • @Musa Moyo actually, no, he means exactly as i stated and “copywrite” is correct and is a term that refers specifically to product marketing. But no, for it to mean anything other than as i and the source material states, the grammatical structure would be literally entirely different. Maybe you should learn the english language and how to structure a sentence before commenting completely incorrect statements?

      “Copywriting is the act or occupation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. The product, called copy or sales copy, is written content that aims to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action. “

  2. 17:36

  3. so many happy songs are waiting to be sung.

  4. thith video ith thponthored by bethpoke poth

    just a joke, dont take it serious 😉

  5. I think the song is I love you too, death by MGMT I think she just misheard the lyrics

  6. I did want to point out that the Fiona commercial was for Shrek the Third, not Shrek 2… Unless they reused it, which would be weird to do for a 3 year old laptop.

  7. I’m not even done with the first bit but just hearing the lyrics with how they’d be sung I immediately recognized it and I had to sit there going “oh hey wtf I remember listening to this one time” like christ I was caught off guard. I dont remember the name of it but I definitely fucking remember that

    • My father listens to a lot of rock, metal, and punk music so I mightve remembered it from him either singing it or playing it. As my father used to be a guitarist in a band and he enjoys playing songs.

  8. Pretty sure “Photo Real” in this instance is shorthand for “Photo realistic” and not “Photo Reel”.

  9. This might be out of relevance for you but I think your observational media skills would help.
    Basically lately in YouTube shorts I’m entranced in a loop, a loop of videos that had “mouse looping” in their title, I only came by the “content” a few weeks ago but now well my yt shorts is in a fritz and kept on recommending me these videos. The videos consists of random clips, either begging for subscribers or anything along the line, sometimes it shows a distressing imagery of a mouse sniffing a “mouse trap” in which is laced with nails and is assumed going ti impale the mouse. My yt shorts is now all about this thing in about 1 per 3 shorts, I have a speculation this is a content farming tactic (because all of the videos in the channels are repeats) but its extremely infuriating.

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