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  1. Michael put *SO* much effort en enthousiasm in the ad! We need more people like this absolute chad

  2. Bad times are coming. DESTRUCTION is coming to the WORLD.The day of the Lord is at hand, cry out to Jesus Christ.Separate yourselves from the world and be married to Jesus Christ today because tomorrow is not promised. Tomorrow is not promised mean that you don’t know when you are going to die. Do not die in sin, Repent of all of your sins everyone and be born again. Have a one on one personal relationship with your heavenly father and forsake the things of this world. Focus your eyes on Jesus Christ NOT on what is going on in this evil world and NOT on celebrities. Live a holy, righteous and obedience life, a life that is well pleasing to God. HEAVEN is PERMANENT, This WORLD is TEMPORARY. Rapture is going to happen very soon, get yourselves ready. Make yourselves ready and DO NOT BE LEFT BEHIND.

  3. Love that yall wake up late, it’s the best time

  4. oh i get it. scarra going to the gym was part of the skit. cause we all know he been there

  5. omg they’re drinking ryan higa’s ninja melk

  6. Just another day in the life eh?

  7. Great video OfflineTv. When is the next casting call?

  8. i think i should get raycons 15% off in the description

  9. Michael best advertiser

  10. more of toast morning voice please

  11. just what I needed after 2 weeks

  12. raycon guys links in the description

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