A Cloud Over The World Cup | New York’s Massive Weed Stockpile

Rainbow-wearing fans have been declined entry to the World Cup games in Qatar, and the state of New York needs to find out what to do with a humongous stockpile of unsold marijuana. #Colbert #Comedy #Monologue

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  1. Ok what is going on?! Lately videos are not captioned. Disappointed!

  2. I can bench two 40’s

  3. We should respect other cultures that’s the secret message

  4. Nothing to worry about folks. I always said that I would release my tax returns and these are perfect tax returns. In point of fact, in the history of the world there have never been more perfect tax returns. No-one knows more about perfect tax returns than me. This is all a witch hunt.

  5. “I’m not gonna say Trump anymore!” -colbert, recently

    “Every single monologue I ever do will devote 4 mins to Trump” -colbert, even more recently.

    I couldn’t write more contradictory, obsessive, pathetic nonsense. I wouldn’t even vote for trump…it’s the reason this show and the the “late” clones are dying, fast. Good riddance

  6. I’m surprised NYC has that much pot left. I just left there after a short visit (Including Stephen’s Monday taping), and the aroma of cannibas is absolutely everywhere — especially Times Square. Even at The Disney Store….

  7. Half wit washed up so called comedian. How about you do us a favor and shut up!

  8. 3:20 Nice Connan imitation

  9. I’ve been celebrating Danksgiving for 20 years….. The hell is he talking about kids today…..

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