A chair made for needy pets

My dog would truly fancy it if I turned myself into a dog bed. Since I’m not too incisive on that project, I created her a chair instead.

In addition, thanks to all of you who have made Scraps fan art. It fills a dog owner’s heart like nothing else.


  1. Okay now…the BIG dog version!

  2. Looks like it needs a better back for the human side, but otherwise that would totally work as a product.

  3. honestly id love this for my cats! they love to sit on my keyboard when im gaming but this would be a great solution!

  4. Tell scraps I love her

  5. Great editing 😮

  6. even though my dog will grow into a big dog this was absolutely the coolest thing ever, i love how you went into so many tries to get the thing you wanted for your dog!! 🙂

  7. Hi yes you should sell this chair… Woof Bark Sneeze… -Plum, the 5lb very needy, clingy chihuahua

  8. this is awesomeeeeeeee

  9. Does anyone know that awesome music from the making montage?!

  10. Annareli Morales

    I. want. this. chair. My cats need this chair!!!

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