A Caves & Cliffs Announcement

Agnes and Henrik share some significant news about the Caves & Cliffs Update. Visit https://help.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/360059400852 to find out how to enable upcoming Caves & Cliffs features in your snapshot or beta.

00:00 Caves & Cliffs declaration
00:16 Update information
00:40 Ensure Quality
01:16 Technical Challenges
02:05 Team Health
02:43 The Split
05:10 Part I Features


  1. Understandable take your time👍

  2. amongus 0:40

  3. Mietitrice Gaming

    I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we love it when companies respect and look after their employees. After all it’s them who are creating this masterpiece, so it only makes sense that those devs are happy and healthy. Take as much time as you need 🙂 It’s never easy rewriting fundamentals even outside of dev work. I’m most certain the majority of us are perfectly fine with waiting, and now respect you guys more as a company for coming to us and talking it out. Means a lot. Stay safe, and stay healthy <3

  4. why do i think is this is the last minecraft update i am scared

  5. Amongus at 0:40

  6. 0:41 *A M U G U S*

  7. This is awesome and it totally makes sense to split the updates. I love how much they care so much for their players. ❤️

  8. I can absolutely feel the pain by just looking at her

  9. 0:41 among us

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