A Better 1 Cup V60 Technique

The method is written out below, tell me how you get on with it!

The 1 Cup V60 Method
15g ground coffee
250g soft, filtered water, newly boiled (for lighter roasts)
Grind: medium-fine

0m00s: Pour 50g of water to bloom
0m10s – 0m15s: Delicately Swirl
0m00s – 0m45s: Bloom
0m45s – 1m00s: Pour up to 100g total (40% total weight)
1m00s – 1m10s: Pause
1m10s – 1m20s: Pour up to 150g total (60% total weight)
1m20s – 1m30s: Pause
1m30s – 1m40s: Pour up to 200g total (80% total weight)
1m40s – 1m50s: Pause
1m50s – 2m00s: Pour up to 250g total (100% total weight)
2m00s – 2m05s: Gently whirl
Drawdown should finish around 3:00, but anticipate some variance here. Taste is the most vital thing!

(Apologies for the abnormal time formatting in the recipe, if I do not do it this way YT will create abnormal chapters in the video clip)

0:00 Intro
0:43 The Technique Walkthrough
5:34 The Technique Explanation



  1. A few quick bits: Firstly – it appears I’ve ended up in a similar place to Matt Winton’s Five Pour Technique. I was aware of Matt’s work, but hadn’t watched this video recently, and I think we’ve just worked our way to similar techniques independently. Shout out to Matt for getting there first!
    Secondly – excuse the error at 10:13 where I say “Don’t be afraid of going a bit coarse” when I meant “finer. Apologies!
    Third – regarding preheating with the hot water tap: There’s clearly a lot of variation out there on this front, and I could well have made a mistake here. It might be better to use a kettle. I’d recommend transferring the V60 to the sink before adding the water, to slow its exit from the cone, which helps do more heating up with less water.

    • Can you review Paragon Coffee Brewer from Nucleus?? Cheers

    • I would recommend preheating plastic V60 with the hot water tap. Because if you use a kettle, the water is too hot and brewer will eventually shatter from thermal shock.

    • I think loads got a similar idea, I used a similar approach for like a decade, it just make sense to split up in equal seized blocks at equal time intervals. Several has documented this over the years although some variation of seize in volume of the blocks number of blocks and time intervals it’s roughly the same idea behind them all, it just works.

    • @Alexs This method is much older then 4:6 like several years, you can find it mentioned and very similar approaches mentioned on several coffee forums

    • @Username why Tetsu’s method is outdated? I’ve been trying his method for a long time and still struggling with his V60 special edition … keep clogging the dripper and increasing extraction time and when I go coarser result in a poor extraction 😢

  2. It’s hugely wasteful to use hot water from a tap to rinse a filter. The loss of heat while water sits in the pipes means you generally need to waste a lot of water to get to the hot stuff and then when you’re done you waste all that heat from the hot water that’s now filled up the pipes. Meanwhile, if you have a combi boiler it’s hugely inefficient to have the boiler fire up to heat just a small amount of water. Use a little extra water from the kettle every time.

  3. I couldn’t find any actual v60 brewer things at wal-mart, so I just got the only funnel large enough for this that they had, which was cheap plastic for less than a dollar, and some conical coffee filters. Hopefully it doesn’t melt.
    EDIT: plot twist, it wasn’t the funnel that broke, it was the filter, dumping all the grounds into the cup 🙁
    had to hold a second filter just right so that when I poured the coffee into a new cup it didn’t pour over the seam.

  4. This was called Melitta coffee which I had decades ago. I have since replaced it with Nespresso Mini Essenza single cup of DELICIOUS COFFEE !

  5. Bravo! Worked beautifully, first time. A bit lucky there. Thanks

  6. Great video as always. I have a glass dripper and I preheat mine in microwave for 30 seconds. Works like a charm.

  7. Which carafe are you using?

  8. Which technique would you use if I’m brewing 400 ml of coffee at a time?

  9. I religiously followed your original method. I just tried this new method today and my cup of coffee was noticeably brighter and more evenly flavored. Thank you 👍🙂.

  10. I wonder how we can brew a good cup of coffee with the grinder which is not expensive. As you know, cheap grinders make so many fine particles that I can’t use finer grind size. I want to use this recipe but I think I can’t with my grinder.

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