$999 for a stand


  1. brianna domenick

    a- artery gland???

  2. if i buy that stand it better be invisible

  3. I don’t blame them! There are so many idiots that will buy anything that says ”Apple” on autopilot. Especially in the U.S. money can be made so easily. Brainless sheep.

  4. So that’s… $7197 for all the parts of the monitor? If anyone anywhere is considering this, I could really use a few hundred dollars for a desk….

  5. I would pay $999 for a stand. Wait, we are not talking about JoJo? Just forget what i first wrote

  6. $999 for a stand? Now that’s just a Cheap Trick

  7. what’s its use for?

  8. Nani?! Stando!

  9. Dude that stand costs more than my pc wtf

  10. Nikhil Stephen

    It must be atleast a 3 night stand…

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