75 officers on leave after ‘thousands’ of shots fired in Garfield standoff

Dozens of officers are on leave after an hourslong shootout where thousands of shots were fired in Pittsburgh’s Garfield neighborhood. KDKA-TV’s Erica Mokay has the latest from city leaders.


  1. Wannabe’s ….
    suffering from delusions of grandeur . 🧠 👈 💩
    Wannabe – ism …. is not law enforcement . 👎
    Judgment is coming . 🇺🇸
    Semper Fi

  2. officers can no long use guns at work. sorry guys only criminals are allowed to fire thousands of rounds of gunfire now.

  3. How long must people tolerate the idiotic unjustified actions of mentally disturbed law enforcement. There has to be an accountability of their action. Why did they send 75 men in blue to evict one man. Black lives has no value in these Neanderthals minds. The community these idiots shot up should demand the firing of them all.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fake news. If not, 1 man took out 75 officers? It just doesn’t add up.

  5. What are the coppers hiding from…..Let me guess “wrong House”

  6. Force Action Guild Specialist

    Even if the guy did shoot at the police officers, why did they have to use assault pistols, and other type of military grade weapons! Why did they not use tasers or pepper spray?

  7. Let’s do some quick math shall we? There were a total of 75 officers. If each officer had at least a standard issued pistol , let’s say a Glock 22 because that’s the most common, and it holds 15 rounds. 15×75=1,125 shots fired. This does not take into account Swat Officers who probably had machine guns and rifles with 30 round clips. This also doesn’t take reloads into account. It’s not a question of how this is possible, it’s simple 5th grade math.

    If the suspect shot at police, do you really expect 40 officers to stand around and tell their partners they got this while bullets are being fired at them? No, they will all open fire.

  8. more like “hundreds of rounds”….

  9. Your All Fired

  10. pigs , no one is suprised

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