73 Questions With Cole Sprouse | Vogue

Actor Cole Sprouse invites Vogue into his picturesque Vancouver dwelling as he answers 73 rapid-fire questions. As Cole travels around his suite (while highlighting the magical views) he discusses his love for photography, archeology, and cooking.

Directed by Carrie Irwin
Interviewed by Joe Sabia
DP: Briggs Ogloff
Producers: Jenna Allchin, Pip Groom
Associate Producer: Arielle Neblett
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Edit: Daniel Poler
Color: Oliver Eid
Post Sound: Nick Cipriano at BANG Audio Post
Special thanks to Fairmont Pacific Rim

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73 Questions With Cole Sprouse | Vogue


  1. Just be honest, this is the one we have been waiting LONGGG for



  3. Why am I craving to see Harry Styles and Cole Sprouse together? 🥵❤️

  4. Does anyone see how much he looks like Harry Styles here? The hair, the facial features and the little mustache and beard thing going on there, plus his outfit. Seriously❤️🙌🏻

  5. 73 questions with harry styles.

  6. Just the video I had been waiting for all these years❤❤❤

  7. Pratiksha sharma

    He is so weird I love him ❤️

  8. Okay but why is this the most wholesome thing I’ve watched in my entire life?

  9. Okay, he might have been Ross’s son but he acts and looks so much like Chandler

  10. We need Dua Lipa

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