72 hour vanlife… (we nearly broke up)

i sincerely can not believe she agreed to this…


  1. Win a free 4 day trip with Roameo:
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    • Great video Brandon I live in Colorado and the tallest mountain in Colorado is mt.elbert not pikes peak. I love the garden of the gods too if you are still in Colorado would love to hang out with you

    • Angelina L 👇💋

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    • Why did she buy a Merc. Why not a Tesla Y?

    • I have given my reason why I think I should win it! 🙂 Super fun video Brandon!

    • Dude piss in me hahaha who writes that in a bathroom GOROAMEO who is that if it’s Kennedy iam down

  2. I aint watching any van life shit after that Petito craziness

  3. Omgodd does anyone know where devora’s white beanie from? It’s so cuute

  4. GOROAMEO, I think I deserve the trip cause I’m a stressed out college student who needs a vacation.

  5. GOROAMEO! I want to live in a van myself after college and being able to do a 4 day trip in 1 would be a literal dream. Also loved the video keep it up!

  6. I live in Colorado haha

  7. Thats how i feel being a truck driver lol

  8. #26 on trending, let’s goooooooo!!!

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