7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React

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Generations React to 8 times TV shows and motion pictures forecasted the future.
Watch to look at their reactions!

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7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React


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  2. Rolando Ramirez Guillen

    Wait how about if instead that the Simpsons predicted the future how about if The Simpsons make the future

  3. 10:55 Look, baby Frodo!

  4. MyRegardsToTheDodo

    Well, the last point with the hand gestures isn’t true. Video game companies had started experimenting with that kind of technology back in the 1980s, the results were for example the Power Glove (released in 1989), which is the best known motion controler from the 1980s, but even Atari was actively developing one, before cancelling it in 1984.

  5. wasnt shakira the voice of the character tho ??

  6. its not that they predicted the future its just the people who watched these things recreated it

  7. you know that the new thing is officially called SARS 2, right? … simpsons osaka virus ….

  8. in case i need one atsomepoint

    hey hey hey! Pokemon also predicted face time

  9. Back to the future also predicted the cubs winning to the date

  10. The Simpsons Trump predictions were spot on

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