6 Tall People vs 1 Secret Short Person

Beta Squad get Strangers to Guess Who The Short Person is, Encouraged by Jubilee’s Odd Man Out
Check out the Primo clothing the boys are wearing here!
AJ: @AjShabeel
Sharky: @sharky
Chunkz: @ChunkzEast
Niko: @Niko
Kenny: @KingKennyTV

Editor: @Chewbonic


  1. Nah chunkz is elite😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Shouldn’t it be “6 short people and 1 secretly tall person”

  3. Number 5 in Kenny’s round said 5’6…that’s actually the start of being tall for a woman 🤔

  4. the best thing on this video is kenny’s laugh

  5. The Waffle House has found it’s new host🎉

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I love how AJ got the special treatment in this video and was on his own love it love you guys Beta Squad always put a smile on my face 😂😂😂

  7. Why would they spoil who the short person is

  8. the way thar the faces changed when AJ said pause to subscribe…

  9. can u guys have central cee on?

  10. 21:41
    AJ: Are you guys *over 6 inches* ?? 💀
    Big man: *I was* a year ago 🗿

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