6 Short People vs 1 Secret Tall Person

Beta Squad get Strangers to Guess Who The Tall Person is, Encouraged by Jubilee’s Odd Man Out

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Aj: @AjShabeel
Sharky: @sharky
Chunkz: @ChunkzEast
Niko: @NikolasOmilana
Kenny: @KingKennyTV


  1. I love how they have to say “mind the light” because in every one of these someone has tripped 😂

  2. HUNTER! PeraSpiers

    i think that old lady just wanted that guy out so bad lol

  3. Bro I am a 12 year old and I am a uk 7 1/2

  4. This is the best video you’ve ever done! 😂😂😂

    “Oh sorry about that mate” 😂

  5. That “singer” woman was hilarious 😂

  6. nikoooooo the GOAT of waffling

  7. Niko never fails to entertain 😂😂

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