6 GOALS for Bayern Munich in opening win vs. Eintracht Frankfurt! | Bundesliga Highlights | ESPN FC

Bayern Munich picks up right where it left off last season with five goals in the very first one-half against Eintracht Frankfurt. With questions as to how the Bundesliga champ would fare without any Robert Lewandowski, goalscorers Joshua Kimmich, Benjamin Pavard, Sadio Mane, Jamal Musiala and Serge Gnabry stepped up to fill the void in a 6-1 win.
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  1. How is that not a foul by the Frankfurt player @8:18 ???

  2. Musiala was BRILLIANT.

  3. The new Becky Lowe .

  4. Bayern looks very scary this year
    They beef up everything

  5. when i first heard the commentators voice and realized it was the fifa commentator i started dying 😂

  6. This is why no one is watching Bundesliga

  7. Gerardo Valdes Diaz

    Thanks Bayern for destroying this team , so that on Wednesday UEFA supercup Madrid have an even easier win .

  8. T-Virus Terrance

    Hello, Humans
    Imagine greatness in your mind, take that replay it a thousand times. When you’re ready let the execution begin, because there’s no time for pretend. As you watch others live a life of mediocrity, reality won’t be ready for level greatness. Ready or not, make that choice to be great, too many normal individuals walking around. The field is yours, it’s open and it’s time to explore it.


  9. Why didn’t they play Kamada

  10. Bayern isn’t that good, rest of the league is that bad.

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