6 Black Men vs 1 Secret White Guy

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We believe in the power of sympathy for human good. In the end, we aim to encourage folks to EMBRACE EMPATHY.

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0:00 intro
0:14 spherical 1
2:50 circular 2
6:10 spherical 3
13:25 circular 4
16:59 final outcomes


  1. They could’ve just 1 by 1 have said the N word to see who wouldn’t

  2. The editing on this one was pretty funny lol

  3. Rob is covering both his eyes and nose

  4. I don’t get it

    If you brought 7 black men but 1 of them is white aren’t they all black?

  5. Bro straight up didn’t talk like 💀

  6. Is that Milk74? The white guy from YouTube who’s a snitch 😂

  7. I just wanna know Matt’s insta 🤭 asking for myself 😭😂

  8. Milk 74 🥛

  9. Milk74

  10. Angela Basset did the thing.

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