6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater

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  1. Austin Pelissier

    I wonder if the actual fans are even that dedicated, all they did was talk about her singles.

  2. Okay I’m 7 minutes in I think it’s Sebastian cause he keeps loving on destiny child where’s the Beyoncé love

  3. “It’s you” will go down as the scariest thing on YouTube

  4. Im not a fan of beyonce’s music but respect the hustle

  5. DESTINY CHILD MY ASS DEAD AHaHA Spencer hilarious

  6. Loveddd this game!! More like thisss!!!

  7. I wanna see this but with transsexuals, it’s always interesting to see people rule out specific people as trans because of features they have that are more common on people who are biologically that gender.

  8. do an episode with
    6 arianators & 1 hater

  9. what sebastian said was SOOO true! the beehive is deadly..

  10. i truly had no clue the whole time

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